Morsi: Zionist Lobby behind Attempts to Hinder Civil Society Work in Europe

Morsi:  Zionist Lobby behind Attempts to Hinder Civil Society Work in Europe

Commenting on the campaign launched against the Islamic civil organizations in Europe in his statement to Ikhwanweb, MB Executive Bureau Member Dr. Mohamed Morsi affirmed that the attempts to hinder civil organizations” work have exposed the true colors of Zionism accusing the American-backed Zionist lobby of being behind the campaign.

“Zionists are using all available capabilities in the world to pressure anyone who attempts to stand up to the bloodiness of the Israeli occupation and its targeting of the women and children in its ongoing aggression in the Palestinian lands,” Morsi said emphasizing that “the American-backed Zionism and all those in its scope are pursuing all means of terrorism to prevent the rise of any anti-Zionist currents and institutions.”

“Here is where the double standards approach and international criminal court being selective in its cases and decisions and being used as a tool for achieving certain policies becomes apparent,” Morsi said explaining that “the attempts to hinder the work of independent human rights and civil society organizations have become openly clear such as what happened with the Arab Committee for Human Rights whose consultancy status was withdrawn by the United Nations.”

Commenting on the bias towards Zionism at the expense of establishing justice with others Morsi stressed that “justice is the basis of power and that without justice power is lost” and emphasized that supporting resistance is supporting justice and freedom. Morsi further condemned the human rights claims made every now and then while the flow of water to quench the thirst of the beleaguered people of Gaza is being denied.