• November 5, 2012

Morsi: Corruption Will Never Again Prevail in Egypt

Morsi: Corruption Will Never Again Prevail in Egypt

 During a public rally and meeting held Friday at the Conference Center – University of Assiut, Egypt’s President Morsi said: "Now we are in possession of information about who is actively trying to manipulate the destiny of this homeland, we will not hesitate to put our hands on all dens of corruption, no matter where they are. If any action sidesteps the interests of this country, I will be on the lookout for this small number of people, and I will respond to their selfish acts with all firmness.

"In order to attain the objectives of the revolution, social justice must be achieved, corruption must be uprooted and the country’s funds must be for its people."

Morsi said: "No corruption, no favoritism, no time-wasters.

"We have opened a Central Bank account under the name Nahdat Misr (Egypt Renaissance) for those who wish to purify themselves of corruption proceeds. They can deposit funds in that account. God accepts repentance."

The President pointed that some people were trying to keep gains from corruption by doing all they can to tarnish the image of the state as a whole.

"We will confront those who obtained land through corruption and those who used funds to own satellite TV stations that deliberately distort the facts.

"The revolution has a will which still drives it to achieve its goals, and erupts as and when necessary."

President Mohamed Morsi reiterated that he would not hesitate to call the entire Egyptian people for a second revolution, "to say clearly who the saboteurs are and who violated the rights of the homeland. In this country, there is no place for corruption or the corrupt.

"I call on all those who try to illegally smuggle into this country weapons or other banned goods or materials, and those who use young people to do the smuggling, to return to the embrace of their homeland."

For the corrupt, President Morsi said: "Those who pay taxes evaded earlier, and those who reconcile their position in good faith, with regard to wealth acquired unlawfully, this door is now open for them. However, reconciliation does not mean giving away the right homeland.

"The greatest impediment to stability, development and real renaissance is corruption. Some individuals seek to dodge punishment, using funds earned from corruption."

With regard to the governorate of Assiut, President Morsi said Assiut has many serious problems. The foremost among those is illiteracy, affecting up to 25 percent of the province’s population.

He added that a 22-kilometer road needs to be built to link-up the province; and that there is also a need to raise the electricity-generation capacity, and to further develop the province’s hospitals and universities.

"Now, there is a truly-local governor, aware of the nature of the province’s problems; and we will certainly give him all the support he needs to solve these problems.

"I call on the good people of this country to contribute in the completion of the Heart Centre medical facility Assiut needs now."

The President addressed all Egyptians, saying: "I remind all of the great importance of serious work and creativity, in order to produce our own food, medicine and weapons. This, no doubt, requires significant resources as well as good governance.

"Naturally, we need time. We do have a plan, and big goals we are already working to achieve. We need to provide the suitable climate. We will do all that together in the near future."

In response to requests from some attendees at the public rally and meeting at the University of Assiut, President Morsi assured that the martyrs’ blood will never go in vain. Meanwhile, he stressed that any riots, security violations or illegal road-blocking activities will be dealt with firmly, taking into account the right to peaceful demonstration which does not affect the wheels of production.