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  • February 23, 2012
  • 5 minutes read

Morsi: Selection of Constituent Assembly Drafting Constitution Begins in March

Morsi: Selection of Constituent Assembly Drafting Constitution Begins in March

 Dr. Mohamed Morsi, Chairman of the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP), asserted that the party has prepared many comprehensive plans in all fields, as it seeks to engage everyone on the legislative, executive and oversight levels, pointing out that positive concrete results in the areas of security and the economy will soon emerge, after stability is achieved in the current critical stage of Egypt’s history.

 In a press conference held after he cast his vote in his local Zagazig province (north-west of Cairo), Dr. Morsi said that the Egyptian people is now making its choice of Shura Council members, at the last stage of elections. He added that the People’s Assembly has already convened its first sessions and started its work, "We are awaiting the conclusion of the Shura Council elections, so both the People’s Assembly and Shura Council convene together, at the beginning of next March, for the start of the selection of the Constituent Assembly members who will write the country’s new constitution".

 The FJP chief reiterated that the party is not fielding a candidate in the upcoming presidential elections, saying: "We have no candidate for the presidency of the republic. We have not yet determined the candidate we’ll endorse. We will announce that after the window for presidential candidacy application and appeal closes. For the sake of this nation, this homeland, we want to back a candidate who respects the people’s fundamental values and principles, devotedly commits to serve their interests, reflects their will, believes that this nation needs every citizen’s dutiful contribution, and bears the faith of the majority – which guarantees dignity, rights and freedoms for all the Egyptian people, Muslims and Christians".

 Further, Dr. Morsi added: "We support the will of the Egyptian people, who we believe are free, aware and capable of good judgment; and no one can impose his opinion upon them or confiscate their will and resolution. We have no special communications with any of the current presidential hopefuls; nor do we deal with them except only in general social intercourse. In time, we will announce our decision clearly. In any case, the next president will certainly represent the free will of the Egyptian people, just like in recent elections of the People’s Assembly and the Shura Council".

 The MB Chairman stressed that the Constituent Assembly must be balanced, based on standards set by the elected parliament, and comprise members from within as well as outside the houses of parliament, with diversity in political and factional affiliation.

 He underscored the need for the Constituent Assembly to be representative of all spectra of the Egyptian people and its different social factions, including workers, trade unionists, students, women and Christians – in balanced proportions, so the Constitution shall reflect the masses of Egyptian people.

 With respect to the new government, the head of the FJP said, "I did not ask for the resignation of Dr. Kamal Ganzouri’s Government. However, it is unable to practically represent the will of the people and solve their problems. So, it is very clear, we emphasize that national duty requires us to assume responsibility, which we ask God to help us bear and execute successfully", underlined the necessity of cooperation and solidarity in order for Egyptians to completely regain the rights they have been denied for so long, the first of which are free and fair elections.