• June 23, 2012
  • 5 minutes read

Morsi and National Accord Front Vow to Keep Revolution Peaceful; Maintain Freedoms and Democracy

Morsi and National Accord Front Vow to Keep Revolution Peaceful; Maintain Freedoms and Democracy

As hundreds of thousands of Egyptians marched in protest rallies in Tahrir Square to protect the legitimacy of the peaceful Egyptian revolution, Dr. Mohamed Morsi and prominent political, revolutionary and national figures formed a national accord front, in a press conference Friday, sharing keen interest for the future of Egypt and establishing a civil democratic modern state.

Dr. Mohamed Morsi said, "We held two meetings yesterday. The second finished at dawn today. In our discussion yesterday, we agreed to fully achieve the goals of the revolution. All views that were presented complement one another, for a brighter future, for Egypt as a civil democratic modern state.

"With the revolutionary spirit and vitality persisting positively, peacefully, in Tahrir Square, we continue our discourse, seeking public good and national stability."

Dr. Morsi called for prompt announcement of the presidential elections result. He said, "The result is already known. We will not allow anyone to tamper with it.

"We respect the rulings of the judiciary; but we certainly reject the decree granting low-ranking military officers state-of-emergency powers; we reject the decision to dissolve parliament; and we also reject the supplementary constitutional declaration that was never referred to Egyptians in public referendum, which clearly shows that attempts are being made to restrict the powers of the next president."

Egypt’s president-elect further said, "Also, we reject the National Defense Council. These decrees and decisions, made at this time in particular, cause significant public concern".

"Amongst other issues, our meetings of yesterday and today discussed what I have already pledged to you all, that the presidential institution will include deputies, advisers and officials, will have Christians, youths, women and former presidential candidates. As I assured all before, none of the deputies will be from the Freedom and Justice Party. And I assure you now that the Prime Minister will be an independent national figure agreed upon by all."

Furthermore, Dr. Morsi said: "We reiterate, here, that we have no problems with our brothers and our sons in the armed forces. They do a great duty guarding their homeland and its security. Indeed, we have no problems with any faction at home; we give our full support to national accord and harmony."

Hamdi Qandil, a close associate of Dr. Mohamed ElBaradei, read the consensus Statement issued by the national unity front, saying: "We, the national, political and social forces of Egypt, have decided to forgive past mistakes, and extend our hands to Dr. Mohamed Morsi, so we may succeed in achieving the people’s hopes in the revolution.

"We have agreed that a presidential team would include all political currents, and that the Prime Minister would be an independent national figure. We have also agreed to form a crisis-management team to deal with the current phase, to ensure the handover of power to the elected president and his government.

"Moreover, we have agreed to reject the supplementary constitutional declaration, the dissolution of parliament, the formation of the National Defense Council, and the re-formation of the Constituent Assembly entrusted with drafting the Constitution. We therefore must close ranks and unite in support of Dr. Mohamed Morsi, to build a civil democratic modern state."