Morsi Campaign Condemns Assault and Harassment of Egyptian Women

Morsi Campaign Condemns Assault and Harassment of Egyptian Women

Dr. Omaima Kamel, women’s affairs official at the presidential campaign for Dr. Mohamed Morsi, expressed deep shock at attempts of harassment against girls and women of Egypt at various demonstrations and protest marches across the country.

In a statement to Ikhwanweb, Dr. Kamel said: "Women carried great responsibilities at crucial phases of Egyptian history, and played an evidently important role in the great Egyptian revolution, which should protect women’s rights and demands".

She hailed the wonderful performance of Egyptian women of all ages and across all social and political spectra during the January 25 revolution, where no cases of harassment were reported.

She pointed that insulting women like this is a return to policies of the ousted regime intended to subvert the revolutionary spirit which Egyptian women witnessed in Tahrir and all other liberation squares across the governorates of Egypt.

Dr. Kamel asserted that claiming women’s rights is an integral part of Dr. Morsi’s program, “This is part of the discourse of the Freedom and Justice Party and the Muslim Brotherhood, whether Dr. Morsi is elected president or not. This will be pursued through parliament and other state institutions, as well as public action.

Furthermore, Dr. Omaima Kamel demanded an end to harassment of women, which confirms the failure of the security forces to protect peaceful demonstrators and failure to defend the dignity of women – one of the basic foundations of the renaissance of Egypt in the coming period of the homeland’s history.