• June 13, 2012
  • 2 minutes read

Morsi Campaign Hails April 6 Movement’s Endorsement of Morsi as Wise Decision

Morsi Campaign Hails April 6 Movement’s Endorsement of Morsi as Wise Decision

Dr. Yasser Ali, official spokesman for Dr. Morsi’s presidential campaign, said: "April 6 Youth Movement’s decision to support Dr. Mohamed Morsi, the revolutionary candidate, is a patriotic decision we appreciate.

"It is just what we expect from revolutionary youth like the April 6 movement, which was a partner with us in Tahrir Square, during the January 25 revolution".

In a statement, Dr. Yasser assured that all patriotic revolutionary groups and movements have achieve national harmony, in order to protect the revolution, and for the higher interests of Egypt, in contrast to some narrow-interest groups that see only themselves, and the parties and dubious forces that support the defunct Mubarak regime.

The April 6 Youth Movement had announced, at a press conference Tuesday, their support for Dr. Morsi, the candidate of the revolution, in the run-off presidential election against old era leftover candidate Ahmed Shafiq. The movement also called on all the country’s parties, groups and movements to rally to oust Shafiq.

The group said that its consent to the nomination of Dr. Morsi came in response to his approval of the National Consensus Document, to include a balanced configuration in the Constituent Assembly membership.

The group’s statement further said that Dr. Morsi and agreed that the presidential institution should comprise the President and two vice-presidents, announcing Morsi’s resignation from the Freedom and Justice Party and the Muslim Brotherhood, formation of a coalition government from outside the Muslim Brotherhood, and a retrial of the revolution martyrs’ killers.

The Movement assured that, if elections go ahead as planned, it will continue to stand against the ousted regime and its senior officials, and will press for enacting the disenfranchisement law against Shafiq, which the Movement believes should mean the expulsion of Shafiq from the election.