Morsi Campaign’s Legal Team Submits 134 Electoral Complaints to Presidential Elections Committee

Morsi Campaign’s Legal Team Submits 134 Electoral Complaints to Presidential Elections Committee

The lawyer Abdel-Moneim Abdel-Maksoud, Chairman of the Legal Committee of presidential candidate Dr. Mohamed Morsi’s campaign, confirmed that the campaign’s legal team discussed, on Wednesday 20 June, 134 electoral complaints it made to the Supreme Presidential Elections Committee (SPEC).

Abdel-Maksoud pointed out that all complaints discussed by the campaign’s legal team were related to irregularities and violations that marred the electoral process and reported by Dr. Morsi’s delegates and legal team, most notably:

1 – Voting by certain factions not allowed to do so by law (such as army recruits and some police and army officers).

2 – Vote-rigging multi-ballot registry papers, which were witnessed and reported in some polling stations.

3 – Directing citizens to vote for the rival candidate.

4 – Vote buying.

5 – Mismatches between numbers of the cards inside ballot-boxes and the actual number of voters.

6 – Voting by polling stations’ employees on behalf of citizens unable to use the ballots, against their choice (for Shafiq instead of Morsi).

There were even more irregularities and violations reported, which marred the voting process.

Abdel-Maksoud added that the discussion of the campaign’s legal team lasted for two and a half hours, and was attended by more than 30 lawyers from the campaign’s legal team.

The campaign’s legal team affirmed that, according to the rules governing the electoral appeals procedures, it is not permissible for anyone to lodge or discuss a complaint with SPEC, unless that complaint had been previously submitted to the relevant polling station’s General Committee.

The other candidate’s campaign made a number of complaints amounting to a total of 8, made before the General Committee.


To contact members of the campaign’s legal team, please call the following campaign officials:

1 – Abdel-Moneim Abdel-Maksoud,  01222161050

2 – Nasser Al-Hafi,  01001118744

3 – Mohamed Damati,  01005113586

4 – Dr. Kamel Mandour,  01227538758