Morsi Central Campaign’s Statement on Constitutional Court Rulings

Morsi Central Campaign’s Statement on Constitutional Court Rulings

Long-hidden facts and actions that we have been warning against are finally revealed in stark defiance to all reason and logic. Here comes the counter-revolution plainly witnessed by all, so everyone knows that we are facing a defining moment and a critical turning point, as the great people’s revolution faces the dark powers of repression, which are making a final forceful and desperate push trying to circumvent the will of the people.

After the Constitutional Court, on Thursday, issued its two shocking decisions announcing unconstitutionality of the law of isolation (disenfranchisement law) and dissolution of parliament, Dr. Mohamed Morsi’s presidential campaign affirms that our candidate remains in the presidential race with renewed resolve.

Dr. Morsi is determined not to abandon the people who placed their confidence and trust in him, or the revolution being brutally aborted, or the pure blood of Martyrs meant to be forgotten.

We fully believe that the Egyptian people, who waited for this moment for long decades, will back the revolutionary candidate to achieve success for the revolution and exact retribution for its martyrs.

The great people who turned out massively in the first round, and gave their confidence to the candidates of the revolution – almost seventy percent altogether – are eager to complete their march for full transformation, to defend the revolution, and to achieve its remaining goals of effective change, freedom, social justice and human dignity.

During the last few days, ousted Mubarak’s reactionary forces broadcast rumors and deliberate distortion of facts vilifying our candidate. Nevertheless, we have seen greater enthusiasm of the people to support the candidate of the revolution, an enthusiasm that was evident in the vote of Egyptians abroad, giving a 76% landslide victory for Dr. Morsi.

We are confident that this triumph will be repeated at home on Saturday and Sunday (June, 16 and 17), unless flagrant fraud reverses the situation. However, if such fraud occurs, the people will face it with full force and will not allow fraudsters to get away with their crime, not without proper punishment.

The two rulings issued Thursday together at the same time, and before them the Prime Minister’s decision to grant military police and intelligence officers arrest and detention powers, all cast serious doubts on potential integrity of the electoral process.

In fact, we are now facing a heinous coup shamelessly aborting the revolution. It is clear that this coup is the last card of counter-revolutionary players. But the people who bravely revolted on January 25 until they toppled Mubarak on February 11, throwing him and a number of his top officials behind bars, meanwhile sacrificing hundreds of martyrs and thousands of wounded, will never allow anyone to hijack their revolution or bring back the dark era of injustice and oppression, tyranny and backwardness.

Faced with these stark realities on the scene…

1. We call upon the great Egyptian people, to turn out in million-man marches to the ballot boxes, because then the forces of darkness will not dare falsify your will as you fill voting stations in defense of your revolution and your children’s future.

2. We call on patriotic and revolutionary groups and movements, to rally around the candidate of the Egyptian revolution, the candidate of all Egyptians, and to fail all those who bet on breaking your will and your unity in a critical historic moment for which we all bear the responsibility now.

3. We call upon former regime loyalists who are trying to drag this homeland and the people to a dark past of corruption and repression and tyranny, to abandon their hopeless attempts. We assure them that fraud, falsifying the will of the people and hijacking their revolution are crimes that cannot go unpunished, and that Egyptians with confront them with all their might.

4. We assure everyone, that the Egyptians look forward to a much better, much brighter future. The desperate endeavors of old guard forces to spread despair will not succeed, and the psychological war they wage to distract the people from completing their revolution and from active and positive participation in the presidential election, will come to nothing. For our revolution now takes shape at the ballot stations, in support of the candidate of the revolution.

Cairo, June 14, 2012