Morsi in Obour Market: Era of Injustice, Repression and Despotism is Over

Morsi in Obour Market: Era of Injustice, Repression and Despotism is Over

Dr. Mohamed Morsi, candidate of the revolution in the run-off presidential election, assured that he would not allow corruption or injustice by any Egyptian once he is in office, stressing that there is no turning back, and that all Egyptians are equal, in all regions of the Republic, and will enjoy all the services and support Egypt can afford.

During a meeting with market traders, in Obour – Qaliubiya province, on Wednesday, Morsi said that traders of fruits and vegetables in the market, from all over the country, will exercise their full rights, promising to remove the obstacles that stand in their way, from the high cost of gasoline and diesel fuels – which they currently have to purchase on the black market – to the problem of traffic that impedes the transfer of goods.

He further promised to end the reign of extortion rackets imposed on them by the government and certain thugs and outlaws, saying: "The era of monopoly and discrimination is gone".

"Corruption, repression and crime will soon be history", asserting that his main goals are justice, defending the people’s rights, working hard for the homeland, and sacrifice for the nation."

Dr. Morsi also promised to provide a decent life and good work opportunities for all Egyptians, and to end widespread bribery and nepotism.

He called on all citizens to work and make every effort for the revival and advancement of Egypt and to end corruption, adding that all the Egyptian people will stand as one in order to achieve the demands of the revolution.

He expressed confidence that "Egyptians, as always, are hard-working people, who love their country and sacrifice for its glory", adding that everyone wants change and to cleanse the country of all forms of injustice and corruption.