Morsi Pledges to Martyrs’ Families a Re-Trial for Killers of Revolutionaries

Morsi Pledges to Martyrs’ Families a Re-Trial for Killers of Revolutionaries

Dr. Mohamed Morsi, FJP Chairman and candidate for the presidency, reiterated his commitment to the families of martyrs and those injured in the January 25 revolution to re-try the killers of the revolutionaries in all provinces across Egypt.

He further stressed that all citizens murdered in protest clashes since January 25, 2011 are Martyrs.

During a meeting with the families of martyrs and those injured in the revolution, Sunday June 3, at the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) headquarters in Cairo, Dr. Morsi pledged – as soon as he is in charge, if he wins the upcoming runoff elections – to order the formation of a most efficient team of criminal investigators and forensic evidence experts, prosecutors and other specialized experts from all fields, to start fresh prosecution and investigation action with regard to all crimes committed against protesters in all the governorates of Egypt, as well as crimes committed by the former regime against the Egyptian people for decades.

Morsi said that he will never give up the rights of the martyrs and the injured, and pledged that the blood of the honorable martyrs is his own responsibility and that he will order more thorough investigations into these major and vital cases and will provide real evidence for a judicial inquiry at the highest level, in order to exact just retribution for the martyrs and the wounded against their ruthless killers and attackers.

Morsi heard the comments of representatives of the martyrs’ families, who confirmed they would never abandon the rights of their children even if they have to make more sacrifices.

The representatives confirmed that they place their full confidence in Dr. Mohamed Morsi, trusting his ability to fulfill his promises to them, by exacting a just retribution, and bringing the real perpetrators to a fair and proper trial.

Ali Al-Guneidi, representative of the martyrs’ families of Suez and father of the martyr ‘Islam’, affirmed that, despite disagreeing with the Muslim Brotherhood, the time is not right for arguing about differences.

“We must move on, close ranks and unite against the remnants of the oppressive regime. The Muslim Brotherhood’s men and women were never corrupt or manipulative. They will never commit any of the crimes Mubarak and his regime did.”

Meanwhile, Mohamed Gomaa, representing the families of the martyrs of Cairo, gave his trust to Dr. Morsi and asked him for retribution for all the martyrs of Cairo, Suez, Alexandria and Port Said, and put the responsibility for this on Morsi’s shoulders.

“The martyrs were the revolution’s life blood. They restored for Egypt its pride and power.  A panel should be formed of judges known for their competence to hold accountable those who caused the loss of evidence or failed to submit information or evidence when asked to do so.”

Moreover, Ramadan Ahmed Abdou, representing the families of the martyrs of Alexandria, affirmed that the families of martyrs and revolutionary movements are but one family, “We should not allow anyone to divide us, in order for us to build our new Egypt and to honor our martyrs.

“The former Interior Minister Mahmoud Wagdi had distributed snipers in Upper Egypt and in other places, assisted in this matter by Ahmed Shafiq, the current presidential candidate, when he was Mubarak’s prime minister.

“In Alexandria, after careful consideration, we have decided to support Dr. Morsi, so he would help us regain our rights and the rights of our children.”