Morsi Receives Chinese Delegation

Morsi Receives Chinese Delegation
Dr. Mohamed Morsi, Chairman of the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP), received, on Sunday evening, a delegation which included China’s Ambassador to Cairo, Song Aiguo and Deputy Director-General of the International Department of the Chinese Communist Party’s Central Committee, Jiang Jianhua at the FJP’s headquarters in Manyal Alrodah.

Welcoming the Chinese officials and their accompanying delegation, Dr. Morsi underscored the importance of the Chinese role in the international arena, through which China should achieve a fair balance in international relations. He also underlined the importance of Egyptian-Chinese relations, with Egypt being China’s gateway into Africa.

The FJP chief pointed that Egypt should learn from the Chinese experiences, and build factories to produce Chinese products in Egypt, rather than depend on importing from Chinese exporters.

Discussing international affairs, Morsi called on the Chinese official to urge its leaders to support the democratic process taking place in Arab countries, especially in Syria, and to respect the will of the people. He also stressed the importance of stopping the systematic killings and the murderous violations in Syria – against the unarmed Syrian people, by the Syrian regime, which must be toppled".

For his part, Jianhua congratulated the FJP on its clear lead in both the upper and lower houses of parliament, stressing the importance to maintain and promote bilateral relations between Egypt and China.

Jianhua also said that China was keen not to interfere in the domestic affairs of any nation, out of respect for international conventions. He agreed that everyone must recognize and support the right of the Syrian people to self-determination.

Regarding the Chinese veto at the UN Security Council, Jianhua stressed that the decision was based fearing a repeat of the bloody Libyan scenario. In turn, Dr. Morsi called for a decisive international stand in order to end the slaughter and bloodshed committed by the Syrian regime against its own people – without foreign military intervention.