• November 16, 2012
  • 2 minutes read

Morsi Sets Up Advisory Council Representing Egyptians Abroad

Morsi Sets Up Advisory Council Representing Egyptians Abroad

Dr. Ayman Ali, Advisor to the President for the affairs of Egyptians abroad, announced the formation of an advisory council to represent Egyptians abroad.

After a meeting with President Mohamed Morsi, Monday, Ali said that the first meeting of this council will be held within one month under the auspices of President Morsi.

Ali further said, "President Morsi issued a directive to set up an advisory council representing Egyptians abroad, to deal with any needs and solve any problems they may have, activate their role in their country’s economic development, and increase foreign direct investment in Egypt, as well as benefit from their experiences, thoughts and creative ideas of scientists in countries where they reside.

"This board will work to transfer modern technology to Egypt, establish a cultural bridge linking Egypt with all Egyptian professionals living abroad, and deepen the Egyptian sense of identity of the second generation of Egyptians abroad and link them to their homeland."

Dr. Ali explained that the new council will be under his chairmanship, will feature a number of members of the Egyptian community abroad, will serve as an advisory body to support the work of the government to take care of the affairs of Egyptian expats, and will include members from relevant ministries as observers and support staff for the advisory body.