Morsi Supply Minister Bassem Ouda: Never Sold Off Any Egyptian Islands! Why Am I in Prison?

Morsi Supply Minister Bassem Ouda: Never Sold Off Any Egyptian Islands! Why Am I in Prison?

 During his trial Tuesday in the Rabaa Sit-in case, Bassem Ouda (Minister of Supply in President Morsi’s government) protested his continued detention without due process.

Ouda said: "I do not know why I’m here (in custody)! Is my crime that I lowered the price of oil for poor citizens? Or is it that I never sold off any Egyptian Islands? Why am I here?"

The Muslim Brotherhood rejects the traitorous coup commander Abdel-Fattah Al-Sisi’s decision to give away the Egyptian islands of Tiran and Sanafir to Saudi Arabia. Bassem Ouda is recognized for his great role in the service of citizens during his term as Minister of Supply under President Mohamed Morsi.

During the court session, Bassem Ouda further said that he challenged coup authorities for forging his signature on the court-referral document, and affirmed that he was never notified of the decision to refer him to court Tuesday, adding that the Prison Service failed to send him the referral document to sign.

Separately, Ahmed Arif, Muslim Brotherhood Spokesman (also appearing in the court session Tuesday), said he was tortured inside his cell in rough Tora Prison.

During consideration of false charges laid against him, in the Rabaa Sit-in case, Arif said: "I demand a medical examination to document the reason I lost 49 kilograms of weight in coup jail – because of the prison authorities’ constant torture program".

The judge presiding over the court session responded with the comment: "No-one is torturing anyone", and instructed guards to "silence" Arif. One of Arif’s lawyers accused the court of being an adversary in the case – against the detainees’ rights – since it rushed to announce that there was no torture without even bothering to examine them as appropriate.