Morsi to Bedouin Arab Tribes: Egyptians are All Equal

Morsi to Bedouin Arab Tribes: Egyptians are All Equal

Dr. Mohamed Morsi, presidential candidate in the run-off election, affirmed that Bedouin Arab tribes are part and parcel of the fabric of Egyptian society. He added that he is always saddened when he hears someone knocking the Arab tribes that protected Egypt over hundreds of years.

During a meeting with Arab tribes and the Union of Egyptian Revolutionaries, at Al-Azhar conference hall, Tuesday afternoon, Morsi further affirmed that the Arab tribes protected Egypt for so long against invaders and other aggressors.

"The former regime sought to tarnish the image of Bedouin Arabs and break up the unity of the Egyptian people, classifying them on the basis of race, color, religion, and where they are born. Its goal was always to ‘divide and rule’.

"We must eliminate these erroneous behaviors and misconceptions. Everyone is equal before the law. It pains me to hear fabricated fables slandering the Arab tribes, claiming they would sell their homeland for money."

Moreover, Morsi said: "Youths chant ‘Morsi has real men behind him’. These words are 100% right. Because Egyptians, especially Arab tribes, are the pride of their homeland".

He pointed out that Arab tribes have always been famous for qualities of chivalry and magnanimity throughout history, adding that just as the tribes protect the homeland, Egypt will always protect the rights of Arab tribes.

Morsi further warned of dividing the people of one nation, or classifying them as Upper-Egyptians and Bedouins and Nubians, and so on, because there is no difference between one Egyptian and another.

Meanwhile, the Arab tribes declared their full support to Dr. Mohamed Morsi ‘President of Egypt’. Tribal chiefs read poems expressing their support for the candidate of the revolution. The audience shouted, "The Arabs said it loud and strong… Morsi is President of the Republic".

For his part, Sheikh Mohamed Eid, a Sinai Bedouin tribes elder, said that Dr. Morsi did not ask for but was pushed into the presidency race. He added, "We are all united as one, in support of Dr. Morsi.

"There is comeback for the repressive old regime which violated our rights. The return of the National Party and its men is impossible. Arab tribes will not allow it."

Dr. Mohamed Diab, the Sinai Aturabiyeen tribe leader, assured that all tribes support and endorse Dr. Mohamed Morsi, for President of the Republic.

"Morsi is the candidate of the revolution and the whole Egyptian public, who will restore dignity and pride for Arabs."