Morsi Vows Nubians Return to Own Lands and Homes

Morsi Vows Nubians Return to Own Lands and Homes

In a meeting with Nubian people, Wednesday June 13, Dr. Mohamed Morsi, the revolutionary presidential candidate, denounced as false reports by some satellite TV channels affiliated with the defunct old regime.

"They claim that I said, "The people of the Nubia are a minority. I do not care for their votes". But that is certainly a deliberate despicable lie.

"I certainly respect and appreciate the people of the Nubia immensely. They constructed a lot of state institutions, and before that they participated in building the Suez Canal, no-one can deny that. Indeed, the Nubian people are an integral part of the Egyptian people."

Dr. Morsi reiterated his recognition of the right of the people of the Nubia to return to their homes and their land, saying: "I pledge to you to help you regain your full rights.

"The people of the Nubia will not wait forever to regain their rights. During my visit to Nasr al-Nuba, 6 weeks ago, I witnessed the whole situation first hand. I know very well that Nubians have rights, not requests."

Moreover, Morsi explained that injustice did not afflict the people of the Nubia alone, but all the people of Egypt. The former regime sought to divide the Egyptian people in many ways, although the people of Egypt are one integral nation – with each component complementing the others, with one religion and one language.

Dr. Morsi assured that the Egyptian people now have a historic opportunity to unite as one.

He added, "We have a special project for the South of Upper-Egypt and the Nubia. I promise the people of the Nubia to fulfill their demands and to restore their usurped rights and the possessions taken away by the former regime".

Furthermore, the presidential contender asserted that development and comprehensive rejuvenation of the Nubia, with many projects in the region, is a priority in Nahda program.

Nubian people in the meeting welcomed Dr. Morsi, and began chanting for him, "Nubian people said it strong, Morsi for President of the Republic".