• May 20, 2006
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Morsy, Al-Erian, 500 MB and Kefaya Activists Arrested

Morsy, Al-Erian, 500 MB and Kefaya Activists Arrested

Security forces continued its vicious and unmerciful attacks against peaceful demonstrators this morning while expressing their solidarity with the judges. Police arrested 500 activists from different political forces and members of the Muslim Brotherhood among them several prominent leaders including Dr. Essam al-Erlian, Dr. Moahmed Morsy, and Mr. Maged Hassan during a protest at the Al Galaa Courts’ Consortium Buliding in Cairo.


Police also arrested more than hundred others from different areas in and around Cairo. Massive police forces sealed off all exits to Cairo to prevent large numbers of people from participating in demonstrations.


Police Assault and arrest Dr. Mohamed Morsy


In a disgraceful act, police this morning assaulted Dr. Mohamed Morsy, member of the Muslim Brotherhood Executive Bureau former head of the MB Parliamentary bloc, while being taken into custody. Arrested also at the scene at Abbasya district in Cairo, was Mr. Mohsen Radi, MP of the Muslim Brotherhood.  


Police repeatedly used unjustified excessive force, beating and assaulting protestors and dragging them on the streets.


Several Muslim Brotherhood protests erupted in different areas in Cairo and were led by parliament members of the MB and independents who held banners reading, “The people’s representatives are with the judges”


Egyptian Intifada!


Several protestors were seen throwing stones at police officers in self-defense, police used electric sticks and truncheons to beat up protestors indiscriminately in a scene that resembled the Palestinian Intifada against Israeli Occupying Forces. As a result, traffic was brought to a standstill.


Scores arrested in Alexandria


Police also arrested scores of the Muslim Brothers in Alexandria northern of Egypt during largely peaceful demonstrations in support of the judges. The arrests included several prominent leaders of the city’s Muslim Brotherhood administrative office among them are Mohamed Ibrahim and Ibrahim Al said, who were arrested at the train station while traveling to Cairo to participate in demonstrations.


Police also sealed the main highways between Cairo and Alexandria to block protestors in and out of the two main cities.


According to Dr. Ali Abdelfatah, leader of MB in Alexandria, it is difficult to track down the exact number of people who were taken into custody since more arrests are still underway. Some estimated put the number to 500 or maybe more. 


Headlines Related to Police Crushing Of Pro-Democracy Protests


Security Besiege Lawyers’ And Journalists’ Associations. Entry To Them And Exit From Them Are Blocked


Some Activists Are Blocked In Downtown Buildings


Some Activists Are Besieged In Hisham Mubarak Center


Arrests Of Muslim Brothers From Downtown Cairo And Ramses Square


A Kefaya (Enough) Movement’s Detainee Phones To Say There Are Girls With Him In The Car


Ghad (Tomorrow) Party Stages A Demonstration In Talaat Harb Square


Detention Of Dr. Mohamed Morsi & Dr. Essam El-Aryan


Journalists Are Totally Denied Entry To Downtown Area


Even Friends Are Prevented From Walking Together & Are Required To Walk Separately


A Demonstration Reportedly Repressed In Abbasiyya Square (Midtown)


Gharbiya Governorate Detainees Include Ibrahim Khalifa, a Pharmaceutical Company’s Sales Agent; Mahmoud Saad, an Employee; Shaaban Al-Tahlawi, Radiology Specialist; Sabri El-Deeb, Teacher; Ashraf Omeish, Teacher; Al-Safti Abdel-Hafiz, Teacher; Radwan Ata, Teacher; Ikrami Galal; Ahmad Sabir Al-Oweidi; Abdel-Hakeem Al-Deeb; Mahmoud Atiya; And Ismail Al-Rokh


Same Scenario As Last Week: Dragging On The Ground, Beatings And Detentions


Reports Of A Green Light From Washington Following Gamal Mubarak’s Visit


Muslim Brothers Are Detained From Al-Galaa Street, Ramses Square, Kasr El-Nil Bridge And Abbasiya Sq.


Security Chase Demonstrators As Far As Ataba Sq. & Faggala in Midtown


George Ishaq Was Seen For The First Time In Today’s Demonstratons In Support Of Judges


Judges Club (Union) Is Besieged & Detentions In Alexandria


Police Close Door Connecting Judges Club & High Court House


Blockade Of Cairo In Order To Prevent Arrival Of Demonstrators From Other Governorates


Ghad, Tagammouo And Nasserite Parties Besieged


Journalists Syndicate’s Board Of Directors Tried To End The Sit-In There And Left Participants Prey To Security


Patients Are Prevented From Frequenting Public Transport Authority’s Hospital


Notarization Staff Prevented From Going To Work


Ramses Sq. Totally Closed & Citizens Are Totally Prevented From Circulation There


Security Use Private Cars To Abduct Activists


Muslim Brothers Are Detained From Sidi-Gaber Railway Station Before Heading To Cairo


Al-Ghad And Tagammouao Parties Demonstrate In Talaat Harb Sq.


Muslim Brothers Are Chased In Abbasiya:  Ain Shams University Where They Sought Refuge Is Raided By Police


A Number Of People From Al-Ghad Party Are Abducted


No. Of Detainees Today Alone Is Reported To Be 300, Mostly Muslim Brothers


Al-Ghad And Al-Tagammouo Demonstration Repressed Without Detentions


Cairo University Being Besieged Now; Pedestrians Cannot Walk In The Vicinity; Students Cannot Enter


Public Transport Vehicles Prevented From Stopping In Front Of Cairo University


Certain Police Officers Show Sympathy With Demonstrators & A General Refers Them To Disciplinary Action


Reuters Correspondent Says She Saw Security Beating At Least 20 People


George Ishak Beaten & A Number Of Women Activists Of Kefaya Abducted


Extensive Sweeps Of The Downtown Area In Search Of Activists


Senior Judge Mekki Decides Not To Attend The Trial


Foreign Correspondents Say “We Have Failed To Get So-Called Permissions To Cover The Trial


Some Dakahliya Governorate Detainees Rounded Up From Cairo, Because Of Solidarity With Judges, Include  Dr. Abdellatif Omar, Pharmacist; Mohamed Mohamed Oaf, Employee; Awad Gomaa Draz, Employee; And Mohamed Ahmad Saleem, Graduate


Cairo University Professors Demonstrate In Solidarity With Judges; Siege Of Cairo University Continues


Hospitals Receive Some 200 Injured People From Demonstrations As A Result Of Police Brutalities


Mekki Announces That Authorities Did Not Meet Conditions Set By Judges For Attending The Trial


Number Of Detainees Go Up To 400 From Muslim Brotherhood And Kefaya


Security Use Electric Clubs Against Protesters


Muslim Brotherhood Say Number Of Detainees Has Reached 500 For Today Alone


Security Repress A Demonstration In Aswan In Support Of Judges


Security Detain A Number Of Zagazig Muslim Brothers At Zagazaig Railway Station


Security Use Chemicals That Cause Temporary Loss Of Eyesight At Abbasiya Sq. In Order To Detain Protesters


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