Morsy: Dweik and his captive combatant brothers, Our Nation’s

Morsy: Dweik and his captive combatant brothers,  Our Nation’s

Dr. Mohamed Morsy, member of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) Executive Bureau, congratulated Speaker of the Palestinian Legislative Council Dr. Aziz Dweik on the end of his three year term of his unjust imprisonment.

He also extended congratulations to all the members of the Legislative Council as well as The Hamas Movement on the return of one of its Mujahids out of the jails of the brutal occupation.
Morsy stressed the detention of Dweik was not just a breach of International Customary law but was also clear evidence of the brutality and barbarism of the Zionist occupation. It bears witness that the occupation defies the whole world in trying to abort the Palestinians” right of resistance by burying the free will of the Palestinians who elected Dweik where he was elected for the Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC) and on another occasion the Palestinian people”s representatives had led him to his current position as PLC Speaker.
The Zionist occupation commits all forms of torture and maltreatment against the Palestinians; however, failure was the fate of the occupation at the end, Morsi said. The Gaza War is clear evidence as it failed to put an end to the brave Palestinian resistance. It also failed to undermine the resolve of the Palestinians, in their defiance to surrender as they embraced the resistance, despite the fact that the brutal blockade had been imposed since they elected their own representatives in the Legislative Council in elections that were supervised and monitored by the international community.
Morsy continued that Dweik and his followers inside and outside Israeli detention camps are the symbol of power and pride to Arab and Islamic nations as they are the first line of defense against the US-Zionism”s schemes aiming to control the Arab and Islamic nation.
Meanwhile, Dr. Morsy called on all sectors of the international community whether they were organizations, unions, Arab, Islamic, or even European parliamentary associations to shoulder its legal and international responsibilities towards the detained members of the Palestinian Legislative Council by Zionist occupation’s authorities. He believed these means would exert strong pressure on the Zionists to release prisoners without delay.
In the same context Dr. Morsy, underscored the continued support of the Palestinian resistance against Zionist occupiers in the Arab/Muslim land Palestine . In fact, it is a Jihad… either victory or martyrdom, as The Almighty Allah says in the holy Quran: (But those who struggle in Our cause, surely We shall guide them in Our ways; and God is with the good-doers) [Al-“Ankabut: 69]