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  • June 28, 2010
  • 4 minutes read

Morsy: MB analyzing electoral proceedings

Morsy: MB analyzing electoral proceedings

The Executive Bureau member maintained that the bloc has not made a final decision to date on their proceedings and involvement in the upcoming elections scheduled for November. He urged the press and media to report on the movement’s resolutions only after hearing from the group’s spokespersons


Morsy emphasized that the bloc’s policy in general advocates positive participation in the call for political reform and amendments through all peaceful and constitutional means possible. He added parliamentary elections are only one band of the many possible forms of political participation


Morsy ascertained  that the MBs resolution is unyielding in the continued  commitment to the community be it in Shura, parliamentary, student, trade union or other elections as a certain tool for reform, change and resistance to corruption. He added that in light of the upcoming elections the MB is always ready and willing to partake in the reform process. He affirmed that the group’s leaders and representatives are currently engaged in meetings to decide on steps taken regarding the parliamentary elections including the number of candidates the group intend to field and the constituencies which will enter.


Morsy asserted that once a decision is made a spokesmen from the group will announce the decision to the public