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  • January 17, 2009
  • 3 minutes read

Morsy: Nation Interacts With Gaza Summit Decisions, Anticipates Activation

Morsy:  Nation Interacts With Gaza Summit Decisions, Anticipates Activation

Member of the MB Executive Bureau Mohamed Morsy called for the prompt activation of the decisions of the Doha summit held yesterday, Friday, in which several Arab and Islamic rulers attended along with the representatives of the Palestinian resistance factions, primarily Hamas Political Chief Khaled Mesh”al.


Morsy said that the summit”s decisions called for an end to the war, complete and immediate withdrawal of Israeli forces from Gaza, the opening of all crossings, ending the siege, providing Gaza with food, medicine, energy, and all that they need, the severing of all relations with the Israeli entity, and the punishment of Israeli criminal leaders by presenting them before international courts.


Morsy also expressed his amazement at the Palestinian President”s excuse for not attending the summit due to pressures questioning, “What authorities, then, does he possess, if he is to take any responsibility towards the Palestinian people?! Wouldn”t it have been better for him to participate in the summit concerning the assaults on Gaza?”


Morsy further stressed that the Palestinian resistance deserves to be supported by Arab countries and people as it proved its ability to repel the enemy and, in fact, compel it to retreat.  Further, the clear failure of Israeli war machines, supported by America, confirm the steadfastness of resistance in the battle, and the Israeli withdrawal from Tal Al-Islam (Hill of Islam) is the best evidence.  The Israeli forces aren”t able to confront resistance and the fear epidemic that is breaking out within the Israeli army to the extent of their wearing pampers is evidence that resistance is the only means to liberating Palestine, and that it is what deserves all forms of support so that they are able to defend their country and people, Morsy adds.  Moreover, the fact that the leaders of resistance are sacrificing their lives as well as their children”s and wives” for the sake of their land and honor is a matter which confirms the sincerity of this approach as it puts the nation”s interests above their personal ones.