Morsy: No Contradiction Between Doha, Kuwait, Other Summits, Must Be Complementary

Morsy:  No Contradiction Between Doha, Kuwait, Other Summits, Must Be Complementary

Member of the MB Executive Bureau Mohamed Morsy stressed in a statement to Ikhwanweb the necessity of integrating the Doha and Kuwait summits to support the Palestinian resistance in order for it to remain the viable means for liberating the land of Palestine, driving out Israeli occupation, and establishing the independent Palestinian state and its capital, Jerusalem.


Morsy explained that the economic summit in Kuwait may have its influence in pressuring Israel economically while the Doha summit may have its positive political influence in affirming its support for the Palestinian people, requesting a cease fire, unconditionally lifting the siege on Gaza, and trying the Israeli war criminals in international criminal courts.


Morsy  also affirmed that the MB are with any effort that contributes towards achieving the higher goals of the Palestinian issue adding that these efforts must be combined and not destroyed.  


On the other hand, Morsi pointed to a relative change in the tone of the Egyptian regime”s speech calling for a cease fire, Israeli withdrawal from Gaza, opening of the crossings, Palestinian accord, and rebuilding of Gaza while pointing out that only time will show how serious these statements are hoping that it will be soon.


Morsy also stressed the importance of continuing to support the resistance to enable it to defend Palestine and the region against the aggressive Zionist expansion that is trying to expand at the expense of others.


Morsy also accused the Israelis of inciting …referring to the agreement signed by the Israeli and American foreign ministers Livni and Rice, whose days in her position are very limited, of monitoring all seas and oceans to ensure that weapons aren”t “smuggled” into Gaza.  Morsi considered that the agreement was of no value and that it was proof of the weakness, anxiety, and failure which afflicted the Israeli leaders after they failed in achieving their goals and were defeated while resistance remained strong and able to respond with its rockets and achieve its goals.  Moreover, the agreement was an attempt to improve the image of Israeli leaders in front of their electorate, Morsi added.