Morsy: Obama’s Message to the Muslim World a Talk about Unknown Future

Morsy: Obama’s Message to the Muslim World a Talk about Unknown Future

Dr. Mohammed Morsy, a member of the Muslim Brotherhood”s Executive Office, was skeptical about the statements that US president Barack Obama addressed to the Muslim world from Turkey .


“Soft statements aren’t sufficient to change the tragic reality facing the world, particularly the Muslim World, due to the US interventions in global affairs, both directly- as is the case in Iraq and Afghanistan- and indirectly- like its limitless support to Zionist gangs in Palestine, flagrant involvement in schemes aiming to divide Sudan, what happens in Lebanon and its actions against Syria and Iran”, said the Brotherhood leader in statements to Ikhwanweb.


 He added that the US president”s statements are an exposed attempt to improve the image of his country among Muslim peoples who suffered to the most from the ongoing US policies, polices which Obama can”t change without the approval and support of the US institutions, specially both the US House and Senate. Thus, has statements don”t constitute any development in the US-Muslim world ties.


“If the US president is serious in the US view towards the Muslim world, he should restructure his country”s current policy and to bolster this change through stopping US practices in Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Iran, Lebanon, Syria and Sudan and stopping the US limitless support to the Zionist entity”s occupation of and war against the Palestinian people and resistance factions.


He should also recognize the elected Hamas-led government in the West Bank and Gaza Strip”.


Dr. Morsy also said that the US administration should press for lifting the blockade imposed on the unarmed Palestinian people in Gaza and opening the crossings and border points and help freemen all over the world on bringing to justice the Zionist leaders who committed crimes.


Morsy said that Obama”s address from Turkey is an attempt to curb the Egyptian role. Obama”s address showed that this role is over as much as the US policy to the region is concerned and that Egypt is no longer a key player in the US tactics.


This entails that the Egyptian regime sides with people, ends people”s suffering, gives public freedoms, closes detention of political critics and fight corruption and the corrupt and other aggravating problems facing people.


“The Egyptian regime should also improve national security through taking the require steps to stop Zionist spread, help the resistant Palestinian people, back resistance factions, abandon the conditioned US aid and to consider all these steps a condition for securing a sustainable development which may enable Egypt to stop depending on Zionist enemies and US-Zionist agenda”.