Morsy: We Reject Lieberman’s Zionist Statements Against Hamas

Morsy: We Reject Lieberman’s Zionist Statements Against Hamas

A Muslim Brotherhood leader declared his rejection to the statements of Zionist foreign minister, Avigdor Lieberman, in which he called for chocking Islamic Resistance Movement Hamas.


Dr. Mohamed Morsy, a member of the Muslim Brotherhood"s Executive Office, on Saturday rejected the latest statements of the Zionist terrorist foreign minister, Avigdor Lieberman, in which he called for chocking Islamic Resistance Movement Hamas. Morsy called on Egypt to take a reaction towards such statements " which are part and parcel of the previous infamous attitudes" of this Zionist. These attitudes are generally in line with the Zionist persistent attempts to embarrass Egypt and divorce it from its Arab and Muslim context. "The Arab and Muslim attitude is backing the resistance and see that it is the shield that protects the nation in the face of the rising chorus of surrender and defeatism", said Dr. Morsy.


Morsy added in statements to Ikhwanweb that Lieberman"s statements "in which he talked about the religious dimension in the conflict between the Palestinians and Arabs on the one hand and the Zionists on the other hand, refute all previous Zionist and international allegations about reaching a possible settlement with this racist and terrorist entity".


The Brotherhood leader said that Lieberman"s statements, released shortly after the Egyptian spy chief"s visit to the Zionist Entity, show that this Zionist Entity" unfortunately exploited the Egyptian top official"s visit. This Zionist terrorist wouldn"t have issued such venomous statements if he had been looking up at Egypt , the biggest Arab country.


He added that Zionist stances led by the ultra rightist Benjamin Netanyahu who continuously dump down any chance for a possible settlement in the region "underscore the Zionists" black history in breaking covenants and agreements and violating human rights".


The Executive Bureau member cited previous Zionist cases in which these gangs embarrassed the Egyptian government, including the incident of Menahem Begin"s annexing Jerusalem  and striking the Iraqi nuclear plant in early 1980s when late president Sadat visited them. Add to this the latest Zionist aggression on Gaza Strip, one day after the Zionist foreign Minister Tzipi Livni"s visit to Egypt .


Morsy called on the Egyptian regime to take serious attitudes to stop such pompous Zionist stances that harm Egypt "s position in the Arab and Muslim landscape". He stressed that backing the resistance isn"t a shame but it is a source of pride".


"We declare that resistance is our only means to confront these Zionists who usurped the land of Palestine ", said the Brotherhood leader adding that this entity will definitely come to an end and the state of Palestine will return to the Arab and Muslim Nation.