Morsy to French Ambassador: FJP Committed to Democracy and Rule of Law

Morsy to French Ambassador: FJP Committed to Democracy and Rule of Law

During his meeting on Thursday with Jean Felix-Paganon, the French ambassador to Cairo, the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) Chairman Dr. Mohamed Morsy asserted that his party believes all political forces, intellectuals and businessmen should participate in drafting a balanced constitution that reflects the aspirations of the people.

Morsy confirmed in a press statement, that the FJP will not be fielding any candidates in the upcoming presidential election, stressing that the group does not seek power and is working for the nation’s wellbeing. He added that the party is still to discuss who it will support as president, which will  be considered once the law regulating the elections has been issued.

Morsy maintained that his party supports a parliamentary system; however, it is open to working under a presidential system for a transitional period where the president will assign certain powers to the prime minister. He stated that no single faction is capable of leading the country at this stage, adding that in order to establish democracy there should be a consensus and joint platform  among all national forces.

Concerning statements by Israeli officials that the MB rising to power would be a threat, Morsy stressed that the Palestinians want to live in peace and that all parties should work towards that. He claimed that Israel has, however, repeatedly defied international law. He called on the international community and on France in particular to support the Palestinian, Arab and Islamic causes, and refrain from supporting Israel’s violence unconditionally.

Ending the meeting, Morsy urged the French ambassador to support the democratic process in Egypt, warning of attempts by certain foreign elements spending millions of dollars to interfere with the country’s future.