• September 14, 2009

Morsy warns leaders not to be misled by Netanyahu the unwelcome Zionist.

Morsy warns leaders not to be misled by Netanyahu the unwelcome Zionist.

Complete dissatisfaction was illustrated in the tones of Mohamed Morsy member of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) Executive Bureau who voiced his opinion on the upcoming visit of Israel’s former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Morsi described him as being a “Zionist butcher and war criminal” stressing that his despicable history of murdering and slaying of innocent men, women and children leave much to be desired.

In a statement to Ikhwanweb Morsi ascertained that “The massacres that took place in Egypt, Palestine, Syria and Lebanon throughout the course of time are enough proof that the Zionists leaders are a gang aiming at usurping Arab, Palestinian and Muslim lands.”  Morsi’s discontent continued where he stated that “the visit was in fact an intentional waste of time and not as alleged efforts for consolidating peace. Criminal schemes are more the measure in which the Israeli’s take to ensure their full control not only of Palestine but also neighbouring countries”.

Morsy explained that the Muslim Brotherhood movement unites in solidarity with the Palestinian resistance who struggle to liberate and defend Jerusalem and their homeland against the aggression and oppression of the Zionists. He stressed that the resistance aims to defend the expansion of Jewish settlements in the occupied Palestinian territories and this is their right. The arms and missiles used by the Zionists will not deter the resistance neither will the knowledge of the US bias against the Gazans affect them. A bias which is a result of Arab weakness and division.

Morsi called on Arab leaders not to be misled with the fabricated lies of the Zionists in promoting peace since the alleged peace in reality can not be achieved in light of the current circumstances.

Tribute was paid to the heroic Palestinian resistance operating on the front lines who are able to deter the Zionist arrogance in creating a new more equitable balance of power in the festering conflicts at the core of the troubled Middle East despite the odds