Mossad agent involved in Dubai assassination arrested in Poland

Mossad agent involved in Dubai assassination arrested in Poland

The German federal prosecutor’s office said Saturday that an Israeli Mossad agent involved in the assassination of one of Hamas’s leaders in Dubai was apprehended in Poland and would be extradited to the authorities in Berlin.

A spokesman for the prosecutor’s office reported that Uri Brodsky, the Mossad agent, was arrested on a European arrest warrant in Warsaw airport on a charge of obtaining a false German passport used by one of the assassins.

Brodsky is also accused of having been involved in providing logistics such as paperwork and safe houses for the Mossad death squad that carried out Dubai operation.

His arrest could cause serious problems for Israel, which has denied its involvement in the assassination and the issue of bogus passports.

Meanwhile, Israel’s channel two said that all the diplomatic pressures failed to convince Poland to extradite the Mossad agent back to Israel.

The channel quoted external sources as saying that the Mossad banned all agents involved in Dubai operation from traveling to Europe in fear of similar arrests.

Following the arrest of Brodsky in Warsaw airport, the Israeli occupation state is making every effort to prevent his extradition to Germany for fear that his interrogation could lead to further serious revelations about the operation.

For their part, the family of Hamas official Mahmoud Al-Mabhouh, who was assassinated by Mossad agents in Dubai last January, demanded the extradition of Brodsky to the UAE.

According to Al-Jazeera satellite channel, the family asked the Emirati authorities to demand Poland to hand over the Mossad agent in order to complete its investigation into the crime that happened on its territory and to bring him to justice in its courts.