• Lebanon
  • October 5, 2008
  • 4 minutes read

Mothers Appeal For Justice, To:President of the Syrian Republic Bashar El-Assad

Mothers Appeal For Justice, To:President of the Syrian Republic Bashar El-Assad

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I received this call from Haytham El-Malih, a lawyer in Damascus.  Please publish and take into serious consideration, especially considering that we are in Eid El-Fitr (feast celebrating the end of daily fast during the month of Ramadan).


Anas El-Abdah

Movement for Justice and Development


Mothers Appeal For Justice

To:  President of the Syrian Republic Bashar El-Assad


We, the undersigned, are the mothers of detainees in the Saydnaya prison, and inhabitants of Qitna, state the following:


Our sons have been given unjust sentences of varying prison terms by the Supreme State Security Court, which lack the international criteria of just trials


Years have passed since their detention in the Saydnaya prison, and a few months ago we heard of disappointing incidents that occurred there which resulted in a number of deaths among prisoners and others.  However, these incidents were concealed and no authorities concerned were heard of announcing any statement or handing over any of the victims” corpses to their families.


Mr. President, you know well how precious a son is to his family, especially his mother and until now we don”t know the fate of our sons.


A few days ago, we learned of burying activities being carried out under extreme secrecy during the night in Qitna.  Have citizens” corpses become cheap to that extent?  Not to mention our awareness of the corpse exchanges that were carried out between Hezbollah in Lebanon and Israel.  Aside from the judicial charges pressed against the prisoners, they are humans who have rights secured by the constitution, domestic law, and international covenants.


From our position as mothers, we appeal to you, Mr. President, to put yourself in our position and understand a mother”s feelings towards her children.  We request an order from you to reveal the fate of our sons or, in case of their survival, an order permitting us to visit them, what will only be right and just.     


Amina Badr El-Din

 Hadiyyah El-Taqiyy

Halimah Sa”louk

 Mariam El-Taqiyy

 Fatimah Abdul-Rahim

Wasfiyyah Dim”a

 Rahma Saboura

 Dalal El-Diry

 Hadiyya El-Qadiry

Amira Dim”a

 Nadima Abu Ismail

 Khadiga Shehada

 Khadiga Dabbour

Siham Omar

Firyal Nader

 Umayyah Nagy “Abbar

 Ruqayya Zayn El-“Arab