Mousa calls on Arabs to break Gaza siege

Mousa calls on Arabs to break Gaza siege

Amr Mousa, the secretary-general of the Arab League, has called for an urgent Arab stand to break the siege on the Gaza Strip and to provide its people with what they need of money, medicines and food because of the daily assaults and starvation inflicted on them.

In a statement at the Cairo airport before heading to Lebanon, Mousa also described the Israeli aggression against the Gaza people as “serious and indicative of a policy of bloodshed ” adopted by Israel towards the Palestinian people, confirming that he would make several contacts with all concerned parties to discuss the deteriorating situation in Gaza.
The Arab League”s secretary-general expressed his pessimism over the results of Bush”s visit to the region, saying: “After what I have heard, read and seen from the general atmosphere in the region I feel pessimistic.”

For its part, the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine-General Command (PFLP-GC) held US president George Bush directly responsible for the Gaza massacre and held PA leadership and its unconstitutional government morally and politically responsible for the continuation of the siege on Gaza and for the ceaseless massacres against the Gaza people, pointing out that this massacre is a crime against humanity and punishable under international law.

In a statement received by the PIC, the PFLP-GC demanded the PA leadership to reconsider its policies and to apologize to the Palestinian people for the catastrophic results inflicted on the Palestinians and their unity by its frivolous negotiations with the Israeli occupation and its losing bets on the American administration.

It also called on the governments which provided Bush with a platform for pouring his “deadly lava” on the Palestinian people to desist from tampering with the vital national security of the Arab and Islamic Nation and to heed the Arab and Islamic peoples” calls for expelling the “war criminal Bush”.

For its part, the Islamic movement inside the Palestinian lands occupied in 1948 deplored the heinous crime committed by the IOF troops in the Zaitun neighborhood in Gaza and announced that it launched a “relief campaign” to support the steadfastness of the Gaza people.

In a statement received by the PIC, the Islamic movement opined that Bush”s visit came to eliminate the Palestinian resistance in order to achieve the alleged peace according to the Zio-American agenda.

The Islamic Movement denounced the Arab and Islamic countries for their shameful passivity towards these Israeli massacres, calling at the same time on the Arab and Islamic peoples to break their silence, express their outrage and exercise pressure on their governments to act in defense of the Palestinian people.