MP: Gov’t Must Put an End to Maltreatment of Egyptians at Foreign Embassies

MP: Gov’t Must Put an End to Maltreatment of Egyptians at Foreign Embassies

Brotherhood MP Farid Ismael has submitted an urgent query to the Prime Minister and the Minister of Foreign Affairs regarding the maltreatment of Egyptians at foreign embassies, saying it abuses Egyptians’ dignity.


Ismail said that Egyptians suffer from heinous treatment by foreign embassies officials who deal with them as “a bunch of terrorists” who do not deserve any respect, and that nobody interferes to prevent that situation.


“This disrespectful attitude by foreign embassies happens inside Egypt, let alone in their own countries.”



He added that such practices have occurred frequently, but that the government’s “apathy” led others to violate our rights without any hesitation.


“Further, top officials and religious leaders, including the Pope, received the same maltreatment at foreign airports and embassies without any meaningful government reaction,”, he added.


He inquired about the reactions of the cabinet and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for such practices and indicated that the ministry should be held responsible for maintaining people”s dignity and defending the country”s image inside and outside.


He emphasized that the Egyptian government should adopt deterring measures to make European officials reconsider their stances and practices against Egyptians and that preserving the people”s dignity should be deemed a priority for the government.