MP: the Government Risks Railway Workers Lives

MP: the Government Risks Railway Workers Lives

Forty Four train drivers and their assistants have stressed that the new Tractors deal, which has already been to Cairo Diesel Screening Workshops, consisted of 40 tractors, lacks conformity with the safety and security specifications required to save the lives of citizens using Egypt railways as one of the most important means of transportation.

Hassanien El-Shora (MB MP and member of Committee on Transport in the Parliament) has affirmed that what was submitted to the Attorney General is true despite the government’s denial before the Parliament.

El-Shora added “these vehicles threatens the lives of its drivers due to the non-conformity with safety specifications as the doors of tractors has a high pressure shock that would damadge human brain, and the driving chairs are higher than the equipment by more than 80cm, which means that the driver and his assistant would be sitting on vacuum which has inside electrical cables (high pressure), and in case of small accident leading to a small cut in the vacuum between the chassis and the driving chair, this would result in the driver’s death and his assistant in addition to the risk on passenger lives.

He demanded the transfer of the file to Ministry of Transport in order to find out the truth about those killing tractors.

El-Shora has also called for the Attorney General to investigate in the event as it wastes the public money since amending those tractors would cost millions in order to avoid this technical defect as it would also expose the lives of innocent people to danger.