MP: This Government should’ve been Dismissed Long Ago

MP: This Government should’ve been Dismissed Long Ago

MP Mohsen Rady (Member of the MB Bloc in the Egyptian Parliament) ,in an exclusive statement to Ikhwanweb, stressed the importance of the dismissal of this government long time ago,specially after Chancellor Dr. Gawdat Elmalt (Cheif of Central Auditing Agency) accused the government of committing political crimes.

Rady demanded the President of the Republic to take the reports of the CAA seriously , addeding “unfortunately the usual fate of these reports is documenting and reservation without taking any deterring action against the wrong doer throughout our contemporary history”.

He explained that the most serious thing, as indicated in the report, is the lack of confidence between the government, people and authorities which can lead to the collapse of the state which is based on three main pillars; the land, people and authority.

When there is a lack of trust between authority and the people, the state collapses. He said that this move is quite late now, however it seems that it would be a good reason for the collapse and dismissal of this government.

Meanwhile, he saw that transferring the government to the prosecution is not a good sign and he added “we want the control agencies to make the executive authorities to interfere when mistakes are found and the dismissal of the wrong doer instead of the transferrence to the prosecution”.

Rady stressed that the report of the CCA has 25 fundamental remarks should force the government to be directly dismissed without the transference to the prosecution. Finding a justification refers to the weakness of the authority and the lack of capacity to judge people in charge and ministers.

Regarding the accusation to the government of committing political crimes, Mr. Rady stressed that political crimes are greater that economic, social and other crimes. He added that exporting gas to Israel and selling it for less than the actual price in the global market is an economic crime; however we deal with this issue from an economic and political perspective which is much less than a political crime.

For the Zionist entity to keep killing Palestinians and we keep supplying it with natural gas, which it uses in its military mechanism against Palestinians, without even threatening with gas prevention is a political crime greater and graver than an economic one.

Rady added, the case of the ship in which more than 1300 person died and the escape of the owner of the ship with the help of the Egyptian officials, the train which got burnt, train accidents and many other incident should have been a reason for the dismissal of this government instead of waiting until now!

He explained that the emergence of this report at this time happened because corruption is very apparent and there had to be a way out of this situation with a report from which we wish for a quick and decisive judgment for wrong doers.

Chancellor Gawdat Elmalt, pointed out during the meeting of the Plan and Balance Committee in the Parliament on Tuesday, during the presentation of the final account, to the increase of the domestic public debt, stating that developed countries borrow money in order to establish lots of projects and investments, “but in Egypt we borrow to cover the budget deficit in order to live and cover the basic needs”.

Pointing out that the burden of the government’s domestic and external debt service has increased by 5.1 milliards over the past year reaching up to 20%. He described such violations as “political crimes”.