MP: Torture in Egypt Did Not Stop

MP: Torture in Egypt Did Not Stop

Ragab Abu Zead (Member of MB Parliamentary Bloc) has stressed that torture in Egyptian prisons and detention places in police stations and State Security headquarters has become a systematic phenomenon that takes place during the day and night.


Abu Zead, in an exclusive statement to Ikhwanweb, has accused the government represented in the Ministry of Interior of committing numerous physical and psychological crimes to the Egyptian citizens, pointing out to the conversion of many prisons and State Security headquarters to permanent places of human rights violations.


He warned that the continuation of the policy of torture and disregard of citizens, violating their sanctities and their homes will create a state of tension in the Egyptian street, pointing out that a great number of citizens consider the policeman as a monster and not as an ordinary citizen who is seeking to protect them and provide them with security.


He ruled out the idea that the ruling system would have any intention to change the torture policy, referring to that this is the regime’s belief that this policy is the reason of its survival.


Meanwhile, Khaled Bayoumi (Secretary-General of the Egyptians

Against Torture’s Movement) has revealed two cases that were tortured by the police officer A.R. (SSI officer in Rashid city) and they are Ismail Mohamed Ismail (25 years old and works as a contractor) and Al-Saeed Masoud Ahmad (29 years old and works in agriculture after being summoned to the SSI headquarter and were electrocuted and beaten up severely causing them serious injuries.


Both victims submitted report No. 1929 of 2009 Rashid’s Administrative.


The movement along with Al-Shehab Centre and the Bar Association declared their adoption of the two cases for defense and retribution from the perpetrators in order not to repeat such a crime again.

The movement pointed out that it is preparing a memorandum to be submitted before the Attorney General on this incident.