MP : MB Is Ready For Any Fair Elections

MP : MB Is Ready For Any Fair Elections

Mustafa Mohamed (Secretary of Western Delta in the MB Parliamentary Bloc) has stressed that what have been published in the Al-Masry Al-Youm newspaper on the calling off 77 MP memberships, among them 15 MB Mps, did not cause any concern for MB Mps.


Mohamed pointed out that MB respect the judiciary decisions and call the government for respecting the judiciary as well as respecting the will of the people and its choices.


He emphasized that MB are welcoming and ready to participate in the elections on one condition that is for the regime to respect the will of the people and its choices and also to be neutral with all candidates, stressing that if people chose MB candidates they will work hard to achieve its hopes and aspirations and if they chose someone else, then they would respect their choice and will help the chosen ones to achieve the hopes and aspirations of the people.


With respect to the case, the MP pointed out that the Court of Cassation does not issue decisions but it issues reports that are then submitted before the Legislative Committee which in turn prepares its report and submits it to the Council which is the only body capable of calling off MPs memberships.


Al-Masry Al-Youm newspaper, in its edition which was published on Sunday 26th of April, has published that the administrative judiciary has issued its decision of the voidness of the elections of 77 Mps, among them 58 of NDP, 15 of MB, two of Al-Wafd Party and two of the Independents.