MP Adli: Egypt’s gas contributes to the building of Israeli settlements

MP Adli: Egypt’s gas contributes to the building of Israeli settlements


Adli pointed out in a letter sent to the Egyptian premier and minister of petroleum that the company of east mediterranean gas (EMG) signed new agreements with three Israeli companies providing Israel with cheap gas for 18 years.

The lawmaker warned of wasting Egypt’s natural wealth because of such behavior, noting that this gas is used by Nesher, Israel’s largest cement factory, which was established especially for the construction of settlements.

For his part, Egyptian lawmaker Ahmed Diyab called on the Arab summit convening in Libya to fulfil the aspirations of the Arab peoples, who are angry at Israel’s daily violations in Palestine, and take strong positions against the remarks made by the Israeli premier on occupied Jerusalem and settlement.

Diyab deplored some Arab countries for keeping their relations with Israel despite its occupation of Palestine and its ongoing violations against the Islamic holy sites.

In another context, the higher administrative court in Egypt issued a decision on Saturday to stop implementing a ruling made by the court of administrative justice with regard to preventing aid convoys from entering Gaza.

The court’s decision stipulated that these convoys must be handed to the Egyptian authorities at Rafah border crossing, which will assume responsibility for transporting them into Gaza.

The court said in a hearing held in this regard that the delivery of aid convoys to Gaza is a constitutional and legal duty in compliance with all international conventions and laws.