MP calls for enacting laws to block transfer of Jerusalemite land to Israelis

MP calls for enacting laws to block transfer of Jerusalemite land to Israelis

Jerusalemite MP Sheikh Mohammed Abu Tir has called for enacting strict legislations in the Palestinian legislative council (PLC) that would prohibit selling land or real-estate in occupied Jerusalem to Israeli occupiers.


The Hamas MP, who is detained in Israeli jails, said in a statement leaked to the press on Sunday that the PLC should endorse such laws that would also block the sale of Islamic and Christian property in the holy city to Israeli occupiers.


The executive authority should also lay down a rescue plan that would support the Jerusalemites” steadfastness, he said, adding that each and every Palestinian should have an active role in face of Israeli attempts to judaize the holy city.


Meanwhile, local sources in occupied Jerusalem reported that Israeli occupation police on Saturday prevented schoolchildren form entering the Aqsa Mosque at the pretext they were wearing shirts with green banners carrying the name of “Islamic Movement“.


The policemen forced the children to take off their shirts before allowing them to enter the holy site.


In another context related to the Israeli occupation authority”s repressive measures, the Israeli occupation forces cordoned the village of Beit Ummar in Al-Khalil on Saturday and prevented farmers from tending to their farms, claiming that the area surrounding the village was declared a closed military zone.


In another incident, IOF soldiers arrested a Palestinian man for refusing their orders to his wife to take off her shirt for body search.


Inhabitants of Barta”a village, located behind the separation, racist wall in the West Bank, said that Ramzi Qabaha, 30, was infuriated when the soldiers insisted that his wife should take off her shirt.


He quarreled with six of the soldiers who then arrested him, his wife and his brother-in-law, the last two were released on Saturday night but the husband was taken to an unknown location.