MP Condemns Assault Against MB Students

MP Condemns Assault Against MB Students

Deputy Secretary General of MB parliamentary bloc and Member of the PA Education Committe Dr. Ahmad Diab has strenuously denounced Ain Shams University’s crackdown against MB students ahead of the new academic year, saying it will increase tension inside campus and terrorize students who want to practice their political rights.


“University Administration should encourage students to actively take part in extracurricular activities, not employ pro-government students to intimidate their Muslim Brotherhood colleagues,” he told Ikhwanweb.


Diab added that he will discuss the issue of security interference in University campuses with the Minister of Higher Education.   


The Minister of Higher Education has stated in his address to Kafr El Sheikh University students and staff that he will not allow any political activity inside campus. “There is nothing called politics inside universities, and whoever dares to take part in a politically oriented activity or club inside campus will be immediately dismissed,” he said.  


Taking a head start in transgressions one month before the beginning of the new academic year of Egyptian universities, several Student Union members from the Faculty of Arts at Ain Shams University physically assaulted five MB students on Tuesday by beating them using their hands and belts, to prevent them from participating in the reception for the new freshmen, Ikhwanweb reporter said.


Minor clashes that had taken place Sunday between Student Union members and the MB students during the reception, ended quickly, but were ignited again on Tuesday as several Student Union members gathered and cordoned five MB students and beat them using belts leaving bruises on their faces and different parts of their bodies.


This occurred in the presence of the Faculty Dean Dr. Mohammad Sayyed Khalil, Faculty Deputy for Educational & Student Affairs Dr. Fathy el-Sharqawy, Faculty Deputy for Environmental Affairs and Social Services Dr. Magda Ahmad Mahmud, in addition to the faculty”s chief of guards who took the students after they were beaten to the office of the Faculty Dean who threatened to send them to disciplinary councils, Ikhwanweb reporter added.


Ain Shams University is the single Egyptian University that has witnessed, for two years in a row, physical assaults against the MB students on its premises under the leadership of Dr. Ahmad Zaki Badr, the University”s Head and son of former Minister of Interior .


MB students who were assaulted are: Belal Hasan (Junior-Arabic major), Muhammad Ahmad Abdul-Qawiy (Junior-History major), Muhammad Fathi (Sophomore-Arabic major), Mustafa Muhsin (Sophomore-Philosophy major), and Mu”taz Sameer (Freshmen-Arabic major).