• Torture
  • October 21, 2008
  • 2 minutes read

MP Demanded Dismissal of Alexandria Security Chief

MP Demanded Dismissal of Alexandria Security Chief

Sobhy Saleh, a member of parliament said in an exclusive statement to IkhwanWeb that he prepared a memo and submitted it to Dr. Fathy Sorur the Chief of Parliament accusing the police of inflaming Egypt, especially Alexandria governorate, ever since the inaction of prosecutors to stop it. He added that bullying is practiced in public by police from east to west Alexandria as the incident of Hamada Abdul-Lateef who suffers from paralysis after being beaten severely by a police officer of Mina Al Basal police station west Alexandria and torture in the street by officers of Sidi Gaber police station in the east.

Saleh demanded a deterrent action to be taken and dismissing those responsible for torture escalation, as he demanded the dismissal of Alexandria Security Chief and the trial of the accused officers, and referring them to criminal prosecutors through prosecution and disciplinary accountability within the police.

Saleh condemned that a month has passed without one held accountable for Abdul-Lateef’s case, he wondered if there was an order to kill Abdul-Lateef and why the other officer still in his position in spite of the torture public incident of Sidi Gaber police station.

The MP called for respecting the law and declared that Dr. Sorur promised him to deliver a message to the Ministers of Interior and Justice regarding these incidents, he threatened to contact the President if the Ministers do not act and if he does not act as well, so the MPs will go to the international organizations, as he also warned of the continuity of passing these crimes without punishments.

The MB MPs submitted a memo prepared by Sobhy Saleh demanding rapid action to stop the attacks and the repeated crimes against the Egyptian people as those of Alexandria.