MP Ibrahim: Sectarian Clashes are Product of Gov’t Negligence

MP Ibrahim: Sectarian Clashes are Product of Gov’t Negligence

In a heated panel discussion held by the People’s Assembly Committees of Defense and National Security and Human Rights on Tuesday deputy chief of Muslim Brotherhood parliamentary bloc Hussein Ibrahim has strenuously criticized the passive attitude of the government towards the Coptic issue.



Ibrahim called for putting the Egyptian constitution into force because it should be considered the basis for ruling.


He indicated that Abu Fana Monastery sectarian clashes have been just a malady that can be easily treated. He called for positive treatment of the issue instead of reducing it clashes for lands.



“It”s our duty to seek justice” he said.


Ibrahim added that the executive authority should be responsible for solving these clashes.  


He added that the PA should implement articles 224 and 231 of the PA law that allow for the facts-finding committees to address the issue by summoning all conflicting parties to examine the crisis and remove prejudices.


He said that parliamentary urgent requests by MPs are not enough to settle the crisis.


“The prosecution should examine Abu Fana’s events while we address the political side of the issue” he said.