MP Mansour: The world should act for the release of kidnapped lawmakers

MP Mansour: The world should act for the release of kidnapped lawmakers


NABLUS,  Palestinian lawmaker MP Muna Mansour of the Hamas bloc in the PLC has urged Saturday the international community as well as legal and human rights institutions to work for the immediate release of kidnapped Palestinian legislators in Israeli jails.

Mansour was addressing relatives and families of the kidnapped Palestinian parliamentarians during a rally organized by Hamas lawmakers Mariam Saleh, Ayman Daraghma, Abdul Jaber Foqaha, in addition to Mansour to honor those families.

She also condemned the humiliating treatment of the duly and democratically elected representatives of the Palestinian people, explaining that the court and the Israeli prosecution only ask for adjourning the hearing for long periods with the aim to retain those lawmakers in jail as long as they could.

“This is an Israeli political maneuver with the aim to cover up its failure in dealing with the pending issues in the region, and to hit the Palestinian political system that was built on national harmony and on preserving the legal rights and national constants of the Palestinian people”, Mansour said of the Israeli arrests of tens of elected officials from Hamas Movement in the West Bank.

She also stressed that the 44 Palestinian lawmakers from Hamas Movement in addition to tens of elected municipal mayors and councilors were experiencing harsh imprisonment conditions and humiliation at the hands of the Israeli soldiers, calling on the international community to immediately pressure the Israeli occupation government to end the ordeal of those lawmakers and to unconditionally set free the 11,500 Palestinian captives, including women, children, and elderly people among others languishing in its in its jails.

A couple of months ago, Mansour, the widow of the late Hamas political leader Jamal Mansour who was assassinated by Israel in 2002, was kidnapped by the Israeli occupation soldiers from her house, and remained in the Israeli custody for several days before they released her.