MP Saleh: Hamas won’t forcibly impose opinions on Palestinian people

 The Palestinian MP-elect Dr. Mariam Saleh of the Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas, affirmed that her Movement will never resort to coercion in presenting its Islamic views and opinions to the Palestinian people, and would resort to objective dialogue instead.

Saleh assurances retorted to circulated rumors that Hamas will forcibly impose the Islamic law on the Palestinian street and Islamize all existing legislations.

“More than one Hamas official, including Khaled Mishaal, the Movement’s top political leader, and Ismail Haneyya, the prominent political leader in the Movement have talked on the matter, and clearly presented the Movement’s stand”, she said.

She added, “Some women were unreasonably frightened of forcibly imposing the Islamic teachings on them, but we believe that there is no compulsion in religion. We will present our views and opinions on the matter in a lenient manner as mandated by Islam. We will purify Islamic culture and immunize the Palestinian people, being a Muslim nation, with Islamic education to facilitate their adherence to Islam’s teachings with full personal conviction”.

Saleh urged all Palestinian factions, especially Fatah Movement, to join Hamas’ train, and realize the genuine Palestinian political partnership through participating in a national unity government for the sake of enhancing steadfastness of the Palestinian people and achieve their aspirations.