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  • September 9, 2008
  • 4 minutes read

MP Slams Continuous Crackdown on MB in Al Sharqeyya

MP Slams Continuous Crackdown on MB in Al Sharqeyya

State security forces arrested on Tuesday four MB members from Al Shaqeyya governorate, which raises the number of MB detainees there to 18 in less than two weeks.


MP Farid Ismail said in a statement to Ikhwanweb that the security campaign that targets the Muslim Brotherhood, particularly in the Nile Delta Al Sharqeyya governorate, aims at undermining the popularity of the MB.


The Muslim Brotherhood effectively communicates with the people, and seeks to meet their demands, the fact which the regime does every effort to conceal so as to cover its weakness, Ismail said.


“The security apparatus in Egypt is devoted to build barriers between the MB and the people,” Ismail said, complaining of the security’s following of him in all his movements, at the time when the regime spares “thieves, drug dealers, and those complicit in mass murder of Egyptians.”


Ismail, a member of Parliament for Al Sharqeyya governorate, indicated that the MB’s performance in his constituency is distinguished, citing that the MB is one village could raise LE 26,000 in Ramadan charity bags, which stimulated further security crackdown.


Tuesday’s detainees are Badr Hamidah (physician), Samir Sulaiman (Teacher), Nasr Ghadban (lawyer), Sheikh Maged (mosque Imam).