MP Slams Gov’t Violation of Court Ruling In Favor of Relief Convoys to Gaza

MP Slams Gov’t Violation of Court Ruling In Favor of Relief Convoys to Gaza

MP Hamdi Hassan (Spokesman of Muslim Brotherhood MPs), in his bill submitted to the head of the Egyptian parliament Fathy Sorur, slammed the interior ministry”s aggression against the participants in Eid Al-Adha convoy to break the siege on Gaza.

Hassan accused the Egyptian government of acting hostilely towards the besieged people of Gaza Strip as it seized 13 of the feast sacrifice sheep before delivering them to Gaza in addition to arresting tens of Egyptian activists who called for saving the siege victims, and who refused the blockade by the Egyptian government which stopped three humanitarian conveys on the 10th of Ramadan as well as stopping the conveys of Eid Al-Fetr and Eid Al-Adha Muslim feasts.

This was a violation of the Administrative Judicial Court”s decision by the Chancellor Dr. Mohammed Ahmed Attia held in public on Tuesday November 11 against the Head of the State, the Defense Minister and the Interior Minister to accept the lawsuit brought by Hassan and other MPs like Dr. Hazem Farouq, Dr. Mohamed AlBeltagi, Dr. Gamal Zahran, Hamdin Sabbahy and some NGO figures.  

The court has decided to suspend the decision of preventing humanitarian conveys from moving inside the home state. Some of these convoys are aid conveys for besieged people of Gaza. The court decided the execution of the sentence bill without declaration and obliged the administration to pay the expenses. The Court concluded its decision with a seal written in it “The body assigned to implementation must take the initiative whenever it”s asked to do so, while the authorities in charge must help, even by force if it had to, whenever it”s asked to.”

Eid Al-Adha convey was supposed to depart on Saturday December 6 from In front of the State Council – the trial court that issued the decision- to deliver humanitarian aid to the citizens of blockaded Gaza.

“Nevertheless we found huge numbers of central security forces filling the whole place, which panicked and terrorized citizens, as well as the karate forces which were present wearing civilian cloths and covered the stairs of the Council of State. The central security forces have surrounded the participants before their arrival to the headquarters of the State Council. The Convoy consisted of judges, members of parliament, doctors, and engineers who were all prevented from moving.”    

Hassan clarified the assaults by the karate forces dressed in civilian clothes who followed the instructions of policemen in the location. “They pushed us toughly from the top of the stairs to the street between the cars which made some participants fall in a way that could have made them fall under the cars wheels,” Hassan told Ikhwanweb.   

The Member of Parliament accused the interior ministry of violating the law and the constitutions as well as abusing the power and contempt of the jury by repeatedly not respecting its decisions and overruling legislative institution by repeatedly attacking the members of the parliament at different times. The Member of Parliament has, at the conclusion of his bill, requested the Head of the Parliament to stop the violations of interior ministry and for the executive authority to force abiding by law and constitution.