• March 24, 2008

MP Tafesh: Prisoners suffer very harsh living conditions in Israeli jails

MP Tafesh: Prisoners suffer very harsh living conditions in Israeli jails

Newly released MP Khaled Tafesh revealed that the conditions of Palestinian detainees in Israeli jails are miserable and intolerable, where the Israeli prisons” administrations deliberately suppress prisoners through maltreating them and banning the entry of food and financial allowances given by their families.

Tafesh added that the health conditions of Palestinian prisoners are horrible, where there are many serious cases medically neglected and the only medical treatment they get is palliatives, pointing out that there are many cases which need surgical intervention. 

The MP underlined that the Israeli occupation holds more than 42 Palestinian MPs in its jails in a very bad incarceration conditions, where they stand trial repeatedly and each time the Israeli judge deliberately postpones their trials at the pretext that the evidence is incomplete

He described the kidnapping of the MPs as politically motivated and aimed at punishing the Palestinian people for their democratic choice because there is no specific indictment against them, pointing that the issue of prisoners in general is so marginalized.

Tafesh also underscored that it is incumbent on the PA negotiators to work on addressing important issues such as the issues of prisoners, Israel”s barriers deployed in the West Bank, its settlement activities and crimes against the Palestinian people.

The lawmaker said the Palestinian prisoners feel disappointed when they hear about what is going on between Fatah and Hamas and hope that they would return immediately to national dialog in order to unite their ranks in the face of the Israeli crimes.