MP Warns Against the Poor Security Precautions in Hospitals

MP Warns Against the Poor Security Precautions in Hospitals

Dr. Farid Ismail (member of MB Parliamentary Bloc and member of the Health Committee in the Parliament) has requested a briefing from Dr. Hatem El-Gabali (Minister of Health) on the theft of newborn babies in Um-Almasreyin Hospital, Giza, despite the security precautions on the entrance and exit of visitors to the hospital calling it weakness in the use of measures and security precautions.


He warned of the numerous and recurrent thefts of newborn babies from governmental hospitals for it causes terror to the parents.



Ismail asked: Are these thefts being carried out by professional gangs which has fellows who ease their entry and exit from these hospitals after kidnapping babies ?

What is the role of security companies which signed contracts with the Ministry of Health?

Why isn’t there coordination between Ministry of Health with Ministry of Interior to provide security and health facilities for people?


He doubted the ability of security companies contracted with the Ministry of Health to preserve security in hospitals for its poor performance and lack of expertise, pointing out to the lack of external security guards in big hospitals which makes it vulnerable to bullying, thefts and attacks in addition to threatening the lives of doctors, workers and patients and exposing them to dangers.



It is worth noting that Um Al-Masreyin Hospital, Giza, had witnessed a weird incident this month, as a lady in her twenties pretended to be a doctor and kidnapped a one-day-old baby, after wearing the white robe and entered the maternity department in the hospital and saw the baby’s mother and convinced her that a check up must be done for the baby to insure his good health.