MP’s: No Fear That Copt Heads Higher Election Committee

No Fear That Copt Heads Higher Election Committee: Brotherhood Bloc Spokesman
Hamdi Hassan, the spokesman of the Muslim Brotherhood parliamentary bloc, stated that the group hasn’t made its mind yet over its main candidates in the coming Shura Council elections, confirming that these names will be unveiled on Monday.
Hassan added, in a press conference held on Friday in the MB bloc’s headquarters in Alexandria, that:” The Egyptian regime turned the political competition into a security manhunt, as it launched several sweeps of arrests against a huge number of MB leaders ahead of the election season to prevent them from fielding their candidacy papers .
Hamdi Hassan confirmed that the regime’s objection to the MB slogan “Islam is the solution” proves that its ruling National Democratic Party NDP has been defeated in front of the Muslim Brotherhood. This makes the NDP-controlled regime to turn the battle into a battle of religious slogans.
Dr. Hamdi Hassan confirmed that the group does not fear that a Copt is appointed as head of the higher election committee because he is an official due to his post as a chief justice of Cairo Court of Appeals, not in person. He confirmed also that the group will not run for the elections under cloak of any other party.
For his part, Ali Ahmed Laban, a Muslim Brotherhood parliamentarian said:” There is nothing to prevent our Coptic fellow citizens from undertaking any post as long as this is carried out according to regulations and laws. This right is to all. There is no difference between a Muslim or a Copt in front of regulations and the laws. Coptic fellow citizens have the same rights that we enjoy and have the same duties like us.
George Ishak of Kifaya Movement added that:” There is a clear progress in the Muslim Brotherhood’s discourse. The Muslim Brotherhood’s stances are approved by the Copts.
“After it has been calling the Copts as the Dhimmis, it is now more open to the other”, said Ishaq, adding that this statement of the Muslim Brotherhood MP, Dr. Hamdi Hassan, proves that the Muslim Brotherhood believes in democracy and this belief in has a space on the ground.

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