MPs El-Prince, Al-Sha’er Receive Death Threats for “Deposed” Tora Transfer Report

MPs El-Prince, Al-Sha’er Receive Death Threats for “Deposed” Tora Transfer Report

 Dr. Hassan El-Prince, MP for the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) and Deputy of the Egyptian People’s Assembly (PA) Health Committee, confirmed that both he and Dr. Akram Al-Sha’er, head of the Health Committee – who were tasked by the PA to examine Tora prison hospital to ascertain whether it is adequately equipped to receive the deposed President Hosni Mubarak – received death threats in order to write a report saying that the hospital is not suitable for the transfer of the ‘deposed’ – from the International Medical Center – as demanded by members of parliament.

In a statement, Dr. El-Prince said that the enemies of the Egyptian people and their revolution are individuals backed, behind the scene, by certain States as well as groups within Egypt’s institutions. Some have power, money, influence and control, and behind them are also a number of State Security officers, and are waging organized, violent campaigns in Egypt.

He explained that as long as Mubarak is outside Tora prisons, the country, the revolutionaries and all citizens will remain in political and psychological slavery, which is exactly what he wants. He does not want to tensions in the country to calm down; he wants to sabotage the work of the parliament and to prevent the PA from re-building the country and meeting the demands of the revolution fully.

Dr. El-Prince pointed out that the PA has already formed several committees. Each of them will discuss specific important problems of the people, and work to completely fulfill the revolution’s demands. They will develop comprehensive solutions to every problem. Those committees will deal with the people’s problems develop on a daily basis, offering immediate solutions, by pressing Dr. Ganzouri’s government ministries which, every day, add a new failure in addressing the problems of the people. He added that this prompts MPs to increasingly demand to form a coalition government to replace Ganzouri’s, “because with the current government, we have to continuously press issues in order to achieve security and safety of the citizens”.

The FJP MP also pointed out that the Committee’s report will reveal certain surprises about Tora hospital, adding that the group ‘We are sorry, Mr President!’ posted threats “on our Facebook pages, like ‘Your end is nigh, Doctor!’". He asserted that the Egyptian people want to move the deposed president to Tora yesterday not today, adding that the PA has no authority to transfer former president to Tora, but needs to do so urgently, “so we disintegrate the network masterminding violence, sabotage and lawlessness in Egypt, today”.