• July 19, 2006
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MPs’ Letter to European Parliament On The Middle East Crisis

MPs’ Letter to European Parliament On The Middle East Crisis

The Association of MPs Against ZioAmerican Hegemony is a newly formed group of independents and Muslim Brotherhood parliament members following the recent crisis in the Middle East and aiming at exploiting what the association describes as "ZioAmerican" (Zionist and American) invasion of the region. Dr. Hamdy Hassan, the Deputy Chief of the Muslim Brotherhood parliamentary bloc stated to Ikhwanweb that the new association will also support the Palestinian and Lebanese resistance in various ways and there will be numerous activities to come to rally more support.

The association issued the following letter to their counterparts in the European Parliament protesting the current Israeli attacks on the Palestinian and Lebanese people


Mr. President of the European Parliament:
After kindest greetings,
The Association of MP’s Against the ZioAmerican Hegemony in the Egyptian Parliament would like to express to you its extreme and deep regret, sorrow and worry concerning the vicious attacks and the continuing aggression against the Lebanese people in a process of mass destruction of all the infrastructure and all the basic amenities necessary for a life of human dignity, not to mention the hundreds of civilian casualties and the thousands of the injured and wounded.
We hereby condemn these brutal hostilities and military operations that are executed out of the false claim of  searching for the two Israeli captives who had been taken prisoners by the  men of the Lebanese resistance of Hezbollah in southern Lebanon as it is a collective punishment of the people of Lebanon and it is a means of depriving it from its basic international rights granted it by the United Nations conventions.
Mr. President
The brutal consecutive operations  against the Lebanese people since 13 July 2006, preceded by  the consecutive ferocious operations that have been carried out against the Palestinian people for more than two weeks in the Gaza Strip strongly open the files of the legitimate rights of occupied peoples and those suffering aggression and atrocities.
While the world is so keen to recover the three Israeli prisoners, it  forgets or pretends to forget – rather – the issue of 10 thousand Arab men, women, and children prisoners  in the Israeli prisons
Mr. President
We would like to appeal to you and to the reverend European Parliament to intervene promptly for the purpose of supporting the legitimate rights stipulated for both humanity and the peoples representing this humanity, especially the rights of these peoples to safe life, and eliminating all forms of aggression against them.
We would like hereby to call upon you in this regard to form an investigation committee to inquire into the facts and identify the victims of the brutal operations the Israeli occupying forces go on carrying out in the occupied Gaza Strip and in Lebanon.
Kindly accept our ample respect and appreciation,
Association of MP’s Against the ZioAmerican Hegemony
-Prof. Gamal Zahran
People’s Assembly Member
Head of the Parliamentary Bloc of Independent Members

-Prof.Mohamed Saad Al-Katatny
People’s Assembly Member
Head of the Parliamentary Bloc of Muslim Brotherhood Members


Egypt: Joint Parliamentary Bloc to face Anti- Zion- American Hegemony 


The two Egyptian parliamentary blocs of the Muslim Brotherhood and the independent MPs have formed a joint bloc which mainly aims to stand up against the Zionist- American hegemony. The joint Bloc actually started its activity with a message to the Speakers of the European and Euro- Mediterranean parliaments on the issues of the hour especially the Israeli aggression on Lebanon and Palestine. In its message, the Joint Bloc reiterated its full solidarity with the two Palestinian and Lebanese people in their sufferings resultant from the Israeli aggression, which has claimed hundreds of slain, wounded and displaced civilians, along with bombing infrastructure and state public utilities.


In an exclusive statement to Ikhwanweb, MB Parliamentary Bloc chairman Dr. Hamdy Hassan said that that Joint Parliamentary Bloc seeks to stand up against the hegemony of the Zionist- American scheme which aims to wipe out the resistance capitalizing on the disgraceful weakness of the Arab rulers." The Joint Bloc seeks to provide as much support as possible to the Palestine and Lebanon people, including resistance- backing activities on the Bloc’s agenda" he said.


 In its message to the IPU, the Joint Parliamentary Bloc called on the international parliaments to swiftly step in to safeguard the legitimate rights of the people of Palestine and Lebanon. The Joint Parliamentary Bloc asked the European and Euro-Mediterranean parliaments to form a fact finding committee to know about the losses and the number of victims of the savage Israeli savage operations in Palestine and Lebanon to prosecute the war criminals. The Bloc strongly appealed to the Arab Parliament to provide unlimited material and moral support to the resistance in Palestine and Lebanon, and take the Arab rights the international organizations especially the right of the Arab people to freedom and sovereignty on their land. It also called for the elimination of the Israeli occupation of Palestine, Lebanon, and Syria as well as the American occupation of Iraq. The message also called for opening the file of the Arab prisoners in the Israeli prisons who are estimated at about 10000 prisoners including men, women and children, and to stand up against the international double standard policy which decries the abduction of three Israeli soldiers while ignoring 10000 yearlong Arab prisoners.