MP’s Report on Violations of State Security in Al-Behira

MP’s Report on Violations of State Security in Al-Behira

MP Abdul Wahab El-Deeb (Member of MB Parliamentary Bloc- Deputy of Behira Province) has submitted a report to the president of Damanhour Prosecution, in which he Accused the State Security Service of tearing the banner of their media office in Opera Square in Damanhour, last April 6th.


The lawyer of the MP was surprised that after he submitted the report, he found Walid Al-Beheri (President of Central Damanhour Prosecution) brought Mohamed El-Shaht (President of Bandr Damanhour Prosecution) and gave him the report and the latter entered to the office of the Attorney General of Damanhour Prosecutions.


The lawyer waited a while to know whether investigations on the report will be conducted or it will be closed and saved without taking any procedures, especially after delaying any actions concerning the report from Thursday to Saturday attributing such actions to the SSS. Later on the lawyer of the MB was summoned to take his statement on the incident in which he accuses the SSS of Damanhour.


“We were surprised, on April 6th, to see a group SS in Damanhour climbing the apartment which has the office of the MP Abdel Wahab El-Deeb in the third floor, as they tore out the banner of the MP from the front of the office” said the lawyer, stressing that this is a breach of law and a violation of freedoms and trespassing the immunity of the MP and private properties.


It should be noted that this is the third time in which an attack on the MP of MB offices in Damanhour province took place in addition to tearing apart their banners, the thing which raised the rage of MPs.