MPs Request Formal Apology From Head of Parliament

MPs Request Formal Apology From Head of Parliament

Secretary General of the Muslim Brotherhood”s parliamentary bloc Dr. Ahmed Diab said in statements to Ikhwanweb that opposition MPs submitted a statement to the head of the parliament Dr. Fathy Sorour requesting a formal apology from him to the opposition after an NDP MP accused the opposition of being “unpatriotic” and working for the interest of the country”s enemies.

They also demanded the transfer of NDP MP Nashaat Alqassas to the Ethics Committtee.

Diab described the situation as “chaotic” and added that during the show of the Ministry of Health a report about the government”s performance, MPs referred during the session to Rafah crossing Point which hasn’t been opened for the entry of food to the people of Gaza as well as preventing doctors available near the border to enter despite having all papers required.

During the speech Dr. Sorour said furiously that “the opposition is defaming Egypt, and it should reinforce the government”s position” and referred to opposition MPs saying “you are harming Egypt and you are being unpatriotic.”

He pointed out to the opposition MPs rejection of this accusation demanding the neutrality and impartiality of the parliament.

“MPs said: we are not the ones exporting gas to Israel, we do not sell the oil of Egypt for seven dollars to the Zionist entity to be used in the war against our people in Gaza, we do not normalize for free and we do not kneel for them and we do not put our hands in theirs against the people of Gaza,” Diab added. After that Dr. Sorour gave the floor for the Democratic Party”s deputy Nashaat Alqassas who accused the opposition of being unpatriotic.    

Diab pointed out that these accusations made the Egyptian opposition MPs and independents to withdraw rejecting these accusations which they described as “false and ridiculous.” He also referred to the case of lifting the shoes by MP Ashraf Badr Eldin in the face of the Zionist entity, expressing his dissatisfaction of the deficits and Zionist criminal acts.

“Could Solidarity with Gaza, which has its children killed every day, be seen as a charge of betrayal instead of criticizing those who collude with the Zionists?” Diab added.