Mr. Fa’ik al-Meir Arrested in Syria

Related sources have reported that the Syrian security forces arrested Mr. Fa’ik al-Meir at 3.00 P.M. on Wednesday (13/12/2006).  The sources also said that the Security forces surrounded Mr. al-Meir’s house prior to his arrest.

 It is noteworthy that Mr. al-Meir (from Lattakia) is a prominent political activist and a member of the central secretariat of the People’s Democratic Party in Syria.

 This is not the first event of its kind. Mr. al-Meir was also arrested on 11/5/2004 at Lattakia Central Coach Station for holding a copy of  the electronic paper “Arra’ie”. The Security forces had also surrounded his house on 6/11/2005. In addition, he has been subjected to many persecutions and security pursuits.

 The Syrian Human Rights Committee (SHRC) regards Mr. al-Meir’s arrest as despotic and arbitrary, inconsistent to the text and spirit of the Syrian constitution and international covenants endorsed by the successive Syrian governments. SHRC condemns this act and requests the Syrian authorities to immediately release Mr. al-Meir and terminate all forms of arbitrary arrest.

 The Syrian Human Rights Committee


Annual Report on Human Rights Situation in Syria 2006

(Covering the period from June 2005 to May 2006)

SHRC Annual Report 2006


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