Mubarak’s Sons Detained for Investigation

Mubarak’s Sons Detained for Investigation

State TV has announced early Wednesday that the ousted President Mubarak’s two sons have received a 15 day detention order pending investigation.

Both Alaa and Gamal Mubarak had been summoned by the state prosecutors probing accusations of embezzlement and corruption. 

Their father has denied any members of his family are guilty claiming details of their bank accounts will disprove any suspicions of their profiteering and illegal gains.

On Sunday, in what was his first address to the people in the two months since he stepped down 83 year old Mubarak had defended himself in a pre-recorded message claiming he had not abused his authority, and investigators were welcome to check over his assets.

Shortly after however the prosecutor general issued a summons for Mubarak to appear for questioning and questioning began.

The detention order comes just a few hours after Mubarak was hospitalized with an alleged heart problem during investigations by prosecutors.

The two sons were taken for questioning to the nearby courthouse by prosecutors from Cairo.

The detention move is considered, the most dramatic in a series of investigations against the former regime’s senior officials and the announcement was met with cheers from crowds who had formerly surrounded the Sharm el Sheik hospital demanding the former president leave and face prosecution where there were allegations that they used their positions for personal gain.

Close to 1000 people are estimated to have been killed during the protests as police opened fire on the crowds. Authorities are now investigating government officials for their role in ordering the violence.